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The Cost Comparison with Printer & Refilling of Ink & Toner Cartridges
For the naive: Inkjet printers are sold at low prices because the manufacturers make up for the lower margins on the printers by charging more on the replacement ink cartridges. Take for example, the cheapest HP printer which is available for Rs. 2500. The ink cartridge has a capacity of about 200 pages, and once it is over you need to shell about half the price of the printer to get an original cartridge. Click Here - Tips to know more!
SAVE- Upto 75% on inkjet & Tonerjet Cartridges
The Industry
This is where the ink refilling industry comes it. While it would seem to be a scrimpy Indian's idea, it isn't. Ink refilling is a global phenomenon. And the reasons are obvious and compelling - while the original cartridge costs about Rs. 1250, the refilling is possible for about a quarter of the price. The only way the manufacturers can "dissuade" you from refilling is by stating that the printer's warranty is voided if original cartridges are not used or they can "dissuade" you that your printer will damage by using refilling cartridges to save their original cartridges business.
The Central Government, State Government, Public & Private organizations

Save Money
Refilling of Ink & Toner Cartridges would a great tool of monthly saving for any Central Government & State Government Departments, Public & Private organizations, the refilling is not only helping the global environment, but also helping to cut-down monthly expenditures, which further can become profits of the organization. Last many years, Central Government & State Government Departments, Public & Private organizations are converting into refilling for their empty cartridges for the purpose to get benefits their organizations, Central Government & State Government Departments, Public & Private organizations are moving very fast towards refilling, there is a need to think seriously about the refilling, because, any organizations is not only saving huge money but also helping Country to Save Foreign Currency, because, all printer & cartridges manufacturers are MNCs company, by paying Foreign Currency for importing cartridges and its raw materials. Click Here - Ink & Toner to know more!
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