Global Trade PlatForm

  1. IICCI & ISE Global Trade Platform

    The IICCI & ISE’s Global Trade Platform - The Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and ISE Cards India Ltd. (ISE) jointly brings an opportunity to get buyers and sellers of IICCI member countries on one platform for bilateral trade for mutual benefit and ease of trading to aim building healthy and trustworthy business relations among the members.

    ISE being Exclusive Global Commercial Partner (EGCP) of IICCI always endeavoring to develop member countries by providing different platforms, Global Trading Platform being one of them. The goal of IICCI and ISE partnership is to create a harmonious business community to help grow and enrich the members together.

    Opportunity for Mutual Growth"

    The IICCI Global Chamber represents over 50 countries and appointed National Directors are from various fields and of repute and enthusiastic towards this project. Under guidelines framed jointly by IICCI and ISE, each National Directors, Chairman of National Branch/Chapters, and all officials of Commissions and Member of Executive Committee of IICCI is allowed to empanel 3 to 4 products from his country for this platform. This efforts will transform to create the database of various products from member countries.

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    This database would have over 200 prime products made available to all for bilateral trade. This database facilitates to the intended buyer-seller to build business confidence over each other as empaneled manufacturer would have been through strict due diligence procedures by National Director. Due to this, intended buyer-seller would take quick and positive decisions.

    For Business (Purchase & Sale) Queries with IICCI/ISE, please write to : E-mail

    Special Opportunity for World Top & Repute Manufacturers/Suppliers/Buyers"

    The IICCI/ISE also invites proposal from World Top & Repute Manufacturers/Suppliers/Buyers to Empanel their products and services to attract our global networks for sale and purchase with genuine parties under proper due diligence and screening by our national directors of each empanelment into IICCI/ISE.

    For Empanelment Queries with IICCI/ISE, please write to : E-mail

    Country-wide Manufacturers/Suppliers//Buyers are empanelled with IICCI and EGCP of ISE Cards India Ltd