Shopping Tips

  1. Shopping Tips

    Thank you for shopping at We want you to have an excellent experience here. Our goal is to swiftly get you your high quality products so that you can get back to your important and busy life without any hassle.

    1. The fastest way to shop is to use our search function to find what you need by printer model or part number.
    2. When you click on an order button, that product is placed in your shopping cart, which will appear at the right of your screen. You never have to worry about losing the contents of your shopping cart. You can surf all over the site and it will keep what you selected.
    3. When you are done shopping and ready to checkout, simply click the "Checkout" button.
    4. Always be sure we have the correct and current billing address for your credit card so your order can be processed. If you would like to place your order through the mail, please CLICK HERE.
    5. All orders are shipped by either the Indian Postal Service or Domestic or International Reputed Courier. If you live in the India and have not received your order within 6 business days, or within four weeks for all other countries, please CLICK HERE to contact our customer service department. Most of our Indian customers receive their orders within just a few working days.