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Since 1987 Meraj Distributors has been a successful Computer Sales, Printer Sales, Laptop Sales, Cartridge Sales, and Computer Service, Printer Service, Laptop Service, Cartridge Service/Refill, and computer support business. We provide the best Computer Sales, Printer Sales, Laptop Sales, Cartridge Sales, and Computer Service, Printer Service, Laptop Service, Cartridge Service/Refill by certified and trained technicians.

Reputation is everything, that’s why we are here to offer honest advice and help you to solve all your Computer Service, Printer Service, Laptop Service, Cartridge Service/Refill related problems. Most of our work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations as we have always gone the extra mile to ensure the client is satisfied and the job is done properly.

We believe that some Computer Service, Printer Service, Laptop Service, Cartridge Service jobs simply cannot be done on site if they are to be done properly. Hardware diagnostic tests, file corruption scans and spyware removal can take hours and hours – much of the time the engineer can be working on another job whilst a scan is running. In that situation we offer you a free collection and delivery services.

Our team have thousand’s of hours experience repairing and solving Laptop & PC computer, Printers etc., problems. We succesfully installed and configured hundred’s of new computers and peripherals. We spent hundred’s of hours training staff, colleagues, friends. As well as fixing computer, printer, laptop etc., our aim is alo to share knowledge with customer.

As we continue to provide expert computer and IT-related services we are proud to maintain this motto.

Other core services we provide include Managed Computer Sales, Printer Sales, Laptop Sales, Cartridge Sales, and Computer Service, Printer Service, Laptop Service, Cartridge Service/Refill,.

Contact us today at +91-8052231270 to help you solve your difficult business and technical needs.

The computer hardware industry provides a broad range of products. These include everyday items used in homes, businesses, and schools, such as desktop computers, monitors, and keyboards; laptop computers; peripherals like printers and scanners; as well as specialized or industrial items such as webcams, ATM machines, and data storage devices used by corporations, large and small. A rapidly growing segment of the computer hardware industry is in multipurpose handheld communication devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, which allow consumers to have phone conversations, send electronic text messages and e-mail, surf the Internet, or access media. The personal computer industry celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2020.

In its first year, 1975 as marked by the Computer Industry Almanac, the personal computer industry as it is known today sold fewer than 50,000 personal computers with a value of $60 million. By 2010, worldwide sales had grown to more than 320 million personal computers with a retail value of $320 billion. By 2019, the global computer hardware manufacturing industry was a $255 billion business, according to market research group IBISWorld. Sales of personal computers (PC) have dropped since 2012, however, as tablet and mobile phone use has grown. International Data Corporation estimated that 254.4 million traditional personal computers shipped in 2019, down slightly from 256.7 million the previous year. This figure was expected to fall at a compound annual rate of 0.4 percent through 2023, reaching 250.5 million.

The computer hardware industry encompasses the companies that research, develop, design, assemble, test, manufacture, and sell these various devices. Technological advances continue to produce complex microchips in smaller sizes, enabling the computer hardware industry to provide smaller, more compact devices to consumers. Flat-screen computer monitors and thinner, lighter laptops or tablet computers are but a few of the innovative new products now available or in the planning stages. Also expected to lead the growth in the industry are electronics with computing platforms such as those used in the medical and healthcare industries, the telecommunications industry, and the automotive industry, as well as the growing consumer demand for and use of mobile devices like smartphones that perform various functions of computers Although computer hardware companies can be found worldwide, including in India, Japan, and China, many companies are located in the United States. Silicon Valley in California, Route 128 in Massachusetts, Research Triangle in North Carolina, and Austin, Texas, are among areas in the United States with high concentrations of computer hardware companies.

The industry employs workers of all education and skill levels. Computer scientists and engineers; development, design, and production engineers; system analysts and set-up specialists; service technicians; quality assurance specialists; and computer sales representatives are but a few of the career choices open to those seeking work in the computer hardware field.

Purchase Orders We accept Purchase Orders from businesses. Please email us for a price quote at [email protected], or Whatsapp us at +91-8052231270. You can also use our phrases.

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    Review by Suresh Kumar Singh on 01/07/2021
    I have purchased Printer & Laptop from MerajDistributors.Com a few times and am never disappointed. The quality is excellent and the shipping is amazing. It seems like it's at your front door the minute you get off your pc. I have received my purchases within two days - amazing.
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    Review by Anil Tripathi on 01/03/2020
    MerajDistributors.Com is the online !
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    Review by Col. Anil Avasthi on 01/01/2019
    Unbeatable service and selection. This store has the best business model I have seen on the net. They are true to their word, and go the extra mile for their customers. I felt like a purchasing partner more than a customer. You have a lifetime client in me.