Refill Tips :

Refill Tips :

What is a refill kit?

Refilling means recycling your ink jet cartridge by manually filling it yourself when the ink supply is low. Refilling is good for the environment and can save you a lot of money.

How many times can I refill a cartridge?

The number of times you can refill varies from cartridge to cartridge. In general, you can refill your cartridge about 8 to 10 times. Depending on your cartridge costs this could save you over Rs. 13,500.00 or over $300.

When is the best time to refill a cartridge?

It is best to refill a cartridge before it runs dry. Streaking can often indicate a cartridge is running out of ink. Printing a test page can further tell you which colors are running low and need to be refilled. If the cartridge does run dry refill it immediately. Otherwise, inks may dry out and block the print head. If this happens, please see our tips below.

If I use a refill kit to fill my cartridge, use a remanufactured ink cartridge or a compatible ink cartridge does it void the warranty on a printer?

No. We ensure that all of our ink products meet or exceed the standards of quality needed for operation of your printer. Using a refill kit as instructed or using either a remanufactured or compatible ink cartridge does not void a warranty.

What is the proper way to handle a cartridge?

Always handle an inkjet cartridge with care. Do not touch the nozzles with your hands. If you must remove a cartridge from a printer for a period of time carefully seal it in an air tight container to avoid having ink dry in the nozzles. It is best to refill it promptly, following the instructions exactly, and place it back in the printer.

Is ink quality important?

Yes, ink quality makes a big difference. The print head on your cartridge may get clogged or destroyed by the inks that do not match printer manufacturer's specifications. These factors include things such as drying time, density, boiling points, viscosity, surface tension and PH value. Our inks are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest output quality at all times as compared with other name brand products.

Does your refill kit come with a cartridge?

Our refill kits only include ink, instructions and tools necessary for refilling the ink cartridges you currently have. If your old cartridge is completely dried out or needs replacement you can get a new or refurbished cartridge from us as well as a refill kit(s) and refill it up to 8-10 times. Look for our Smart Refiller's Packages, which come with an OEM cartridge and two refill kits.

Does your refill kit come with instructions?

Our refill kits include simple, easy-to-follow instructions. If your kit is missing instructions, please contact our customer service department by Clicking Here

Tips for Successful Cartridge Refilling:

Problem: Ink is leaking out of the cartridge after refilling.

Solution: Ink may leak from a cartridge if it has been overfilled or refilled too quickly. In these cases, the internal sponge was not able to properly absorb the ink. To correct this, please insert the syringe as directed in the instructions and withdraw about 1mL of ink. You should then allow the ink to settle and stop leaking by placing the cartridge on a paper towel for up to an hour. When the ink stops leaking, dry the external areas of the cartridge and reinstall it in your printer. Run your head cleaning utility, always following the instructions in your printer manual.

Problem: There's little or no ink coming out after refilling.

Solution: This can happen if the cartridge was allowed to dry out before refilling. There is something you can try, however. Place the cartridge print head in a shallow dish of warm water or on a warm, wetted paper towel. Allow the cartridge to sit for as long as necessary. You will begin to see ink flowing or seeping out of the cartridge once the dried ink starts to disappear. You can also try using a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean this area. After this, dry the external areas of the cartridge and reinstall it in your printer. Run your head cleaning utility, always following the instructions in your printer manual.