Terms & Conditions for Recycling Cartridges

Terms & Conditions for Recycling Cartridges

Acceptable Cartridges
Used ink jet cartridges sent under this program must be original non-remanufactured and free from defects. As determined by MerajDistributors.com. All ink cartridges must be received in good condition after shipping. Sorry, I cannot pay for broken inkjet cartridges. No ink jet cartridge or other item will be returned to sender. Please safely pack your used ink cartridges for shipping. The best is wrapping each ink cartridge in several paper towels or even newspaper to prevent damages during shipping.

If you have any questions about ink cartridge recycling acceptability, please use General Contact or call +91-522-4105210.

Free Shipping Label

MerajDistributors.com provides FREE shipping labels for your ink cartridge recycling shipment. Any abuse of this service, i.e. shipping items not acceptable as specified above, may result in the deduction of shipping charges from your payment account.
FREE shipping labels are only valid within the India. Please don't use Registered or Speedpost etc., Only courier, which is already authorised by the MerajDistributors.com "PRIORITY MAIL" Envelope or box for your shipment.

Shipping / Account Information

FREE shipping and purchase credit applies only for acceptable ink cartridges when shipped to MerajDistributors.com.

Please attach securely your FREE shipping label. Cover shipping label with tape to prevent the label from being torn or damaged. Please include your "shipping list" with your account information inside your package to ensure payment.
I must be able to identify from whom the inkjet recycling shipment is coming from in order to ensure payment.

Recycle Account and Payments

Once I receive your recycling shipment with used inkjet cartridges, please allow approximately 3 to 5 days to process your shipment and send payment.
Your payment will be made like you have requested it, either a mailed banker cheque or demand draft.

Purchase Price for used empty ink cartridges

MerajDistributors.com reserve the right to change purchasing terms at any time prior to receipt of goods. Subject to change without notice. Always check the "Effective Date" on the Cartridge Purchase List and on your Shipping List, it will change from time to time.

Terms and Conditions for cell phone recycling

Personal Information - Stored Data

MerajDistributors.com (Meraj Distributors) is not responsible and will not be liable for the use of any personal information stored in memory of a donated or sold phone or PDA after it has been donated or sold. Owners are responsible for removing any and all data they deem sensitive from all phone memory and removable memory BEFORE sending their wireless devices to MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors). This includes, but is not limited to phonebook information, personal codes, e-mail addresses, personal addresses, IM addresses, photos, and downloaded files

Condition for cell phone

Used handsets have to power-up and make a test call. All cell phones will be reused. No water damaged or broken LCD's. Cases should be complete and unbroken. Payments on handsets are only made if they include phone, battery and battery back (if applicable.) Payments on air card are made when they are able to connect to a carrier and include the antenna. Each of these types of devices shall have a valid ESN.


Our services are only available to registered users who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Our service is not available to minors. If you do not qualify, please do not attempt to use our services. Registration requires the completion of the user registration form with accurate and complete contact names, main business address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Your membership to use MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) may be terminated or suspended by us if you do not comply with this Agreement, our policies and procedures, or for any reason we determine is necessary, in our sole discretion, to protect us and other users of the site..


All pricing are subject to change without notice. For all prices, products and offers, MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) reserves the right to make adjustments due to changing market conditions, product availability, and other circumstances.


Payment will be made within 30 days of the receipt of handsets. If there is a dispute in condition users will be notified by e-mail with an adjusted price offer. All wireless devices become the property of MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) and will be recycled or reused at our discretion. Once the adjusted offer is accepted the adjusted payment will be made based on the date from the original transaction. MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) will not be responsible for user delays.

Disconnect Wireless Cell Phone Service

Consumers agree to disconnect service on all Phones and air cards (PC connection cards) BEFORE sending them to MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors). MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) is not responsible and will not be liable for any and all airtime charges or any other charges accrued prior to, during, or after processing by MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors). The original user and wireless carrier or service provider are responsible for resolving payment issues regarding any and all carrier-based service charges.

Copyright and Trademark Notice

Materials appearing on this site, unless otherwise specified, including the text, site design, logos, graphics, icons, images as well as the selection, assembly and arrangement thereof, are the sole property of MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors). No materials from this site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means without our prior written permission. Any unauthorized use of the materials appearing on this site may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

Use of the MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) site is governed by the terms, policies and conditions set forth in this User Agreement. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. YOUR REGISTRATION, YOUR USE OF THIS SITE AND YOUR PLACEMENT OF A TRANSACTION INDICATES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE POLICIES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We may amend this agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on our site. Except as stated, the amended terms will automatically be effective immediately after they are posted. MerajDistributors.com, (Meraj Distributors) enables consumers to provide their used ink cartridges, unused original printer consumables, cell phones, air cards, Blackberry’s and PDA's to generate funds for them self and charities. We reserve the right to alter, cancel, or amend our services at our sole discretion.