How to Start?

How to start? - Recycle used ink & toner cartridges. All important steps for your recycling project.

1.   Apply customer account # Customer Application. Fill in all the fields and choose how do you get paid, by Cheque or Demand Draft . I assign a customer number for tracking your free recycling shipments. After approval I send you an E-Mail and a confirmation letter by courier/land mail with your account number. Please note, if you are using Spam filter, you need to add the domain MerajDistributors. com to your safe list.

2.   Review the Cartridge Purchase List. See how much I pay for each used ink cartridge for recycling. Review Terms and Conditions

3.   Print free "To Pay By Addressee", shipping label (you need MS Word installed) click "To Pay By Addressee" Label. Box up your shipment for recycling ink cartridges and leave one copy of this form inside. Please don't use Registed Or speedpost mail, use only authorised Courier. "PRIORITY MAIL" Envelope or box for your shipment.

4.   Print Shipping List, please fill in your name and customer number for your ink cartridge recycling shipments. Wrap each cartridge in a piece of newspaper to prevent damages during shipping.

5.   Drop off package at any authorised courier, or just hand it to a other courier as per permission of

6.   Please send in your used ink cartridges for recycling. Banker Cheque or Demand Draft payment will be done instantly.

7.   Please see also the page. Frequesnt Asked Question